So, your getting close to retirement?  And your thoughts have now migrated from looking forward to retirement to looking at where to retire.  Retirement is a monumental achievement in the life of the working class.  Every working person looks forward to that point in time when they are no longer bound by the walls of an office or position.

Now, as most have discovered, one of the most enjoyable and relaxing places to retire is on the water.  But not just any water, the IBX waterfront properties of North Carolina.  North Carolina’s IBX offers many opportunities for those looking for that perfect retirement waterfront property.  With beautiful and historic towns in NC such as Washington, Bath, Chocowinity, Edenton, Hertford and Elizabeth City just to name a few, the possibilities near these waterfront towns are seemingly endless.

It’s now time to think about the type of property that you will be looking for.  Do you want to be on the water, be able to see the water, or just be near the water with community access?  Let’s look at the differences of each.

    -Waterfront - These properties are directly attached to the water and most are able to have private piers.
    -Waterview - These properties are not directly attached to the water, but do have views of the waterway and in most communities have access to the water via an onsite common area boat launch or dock system.
    -Water Access - These properties are not directly on the water, nor do they have views of the water, but do offer access to the water via an onsite common area boat launch or dock system.

Price is also a major factor for those looking for waterfront or related properties.  Waterfront properties are usually the more expensive and water access properties are usually the less expensive.  If you aren’t financially able to afford waterfront, then you must look at the next best thing, waterview, likewise, if you are not able to afford waterfront or waterview, then the next best thing is water access.  Before looking at any properties, you must determine where your desires and financial ability stand.

Lastly, where do you go on your search for that perfect NC waterfront or related property?  There is only one place to go when it comes to IBX waterfront properties of NC, to a company that covers homes, condos, lots and more and to a company where the name says it all, Waterfront Professionals.  So call 866-466-2928 or visit the website http://www.waterfrontnc.com today to begin your search!